Men’s Calendars Available For order!

Thanks to Sue, James and Katie at DoubleRed we’re now able to offer a new 2017 calendar full of BSB talent. Thanks to all involved, the calendar has also been sponsored by a fantastic company, allowing ALL proceeds to go to the Fund. Thanks guys! x

Fantastic Mini Moto Auction!

Back in 2015 Uel Hutchinson built a mini moto for auction, his daughter Janine suggested painting it in Simon’s RAF team colours. Uel wanted to raise money for his local Motorcycle Club and wanted to donate a share of the money raised to The Simon Andrews Fund. We are incredibly grateful to them both for … Continue reading Fantastic Mini Moto Auction!

Steve Mercer Helmet Sold!

Steve Mercer’s helmet raised an incredible £760 in an eBay auction last week. Steve Mercer kindly donated his helmet which was  signed by the following TT riders: Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman, Tim Reeves, John McGuiness, Ben Birchall, Tom Birchall, Ian Hutchinson, Gary Johnson, Michael Rutter, James Hillier, John Holden, Andy Winkle, Dean Harrison, Conrad Harrison, … Continue reading Steve Mercer Helmet Sold!

Gary Mason

Without the Simon Andrews Fund and Dee’s help I wouldn’t of been able to race at the Bol d’or 24hr world endurance round. They helped me seek the best professional advice and put in place a recovery physio plan all in the 3 weeks I had between my accident and my next race. The fund … Continue reading Gary Mason

Dan Linfoot says thank you

Dan Linfoot says thank you

Firstly thanks so much for making the support available to help me with the rehab costs. Immediately after my operation which was 23rd April, I attended the hyperbaric chamber daily for 2 sessions per day for 2 weeks, after that my treatment was physio based, with ultrasound and hot/cold machines in my house, as well … Continue reading Dan Linfoot says thank you


These wristbands will be available to purchase at the TT this year from the Shoei Truck.

Look how you’ve helped

I thought I would share this and show with your help what we can do for the riders. Thank you.