A massive thank you!!!!

Well, if you have not got fed up hearing this yet “Happy New Year! A huge thank you to all that bought our 2019 Beefcake calendar over the Christmas period, it was very successful and we have very few calendars left, so, if you want one of these eye wateringly fit calendars, order it now! The Legacy Lap T shirts sold quite well, direct from Bike Industries, but not as many as when we sold them from our web site, which was a shame, but we still managed to get through a lot whilst at the TT, so thank you to everyone who bought one, especially wearing whilst riding around the lap itself, amazing sight to see. Once again we helped numerous riders with their rehabilitation during 2018 thanks to your generosity. For the first time too, we were approached by a welfare worker who was involved with a racer that had struggled with his racing after witnessing an awful accident. The Fund paid for several weeks of intense counselling and we are pleased to say if had amazing results and he is now back racing. Whilst writing this I would like to say thank you to everyone who helps my daughter and I keep this going, people raising money from doing demanding achievements, donating hundreds of pounds, to everyone in between. We are now in to the 5th year of running the Fund and at times it is emotional, especially at Christmas, but all your encouragement keeps us going and we would like to thank you for your support over 2018 and look forward to 2019 and helping more racers with their rehabilitation allowing them quicker recovery times and the back on track!! With love Dee & Claire x