My name is Dee Andrews and I am the mother of Simon Andrews who died in May while competing in the Northwest 200 in Belfast. Simon was a regular competitor in the British Superbike Championship and took part in four World Superbikes races. Simon died doing a sport he loved and felt passionately about. He was also aware of the risks these riders take which makes the sport thrilling to watch.

The Simon Andrews Fund has been set up by his family to raise money for injured riders. Many of the riders do not get paid to take part in the sport they love, they have to go in with their own money and their own sponsorship and in many cases, do not get paid if they are injured. Some riders have full time jobs to fund their sport and if injured they are unable to work and earn money. Insurances only go so far and do not cover private treatments such as intense physiotherapy in order to get riders back on bikes and earning again.

Simon felt very strongly about the lack of financial support for riders who are injured and in doing what we are doing here I feel as if we are carrying out Simon’s legacy.