Happy new years

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year celebration.

After flying back from the Joey Dunlop Foundation, I landed in London and headed straight to hospital for X-rays… finally good news! A change in my nutrition, training and rehab on the Isle Of Man set the wheels back in motion and the bone was repairing well.

I’m arriving at the seven-month point of having the cage on and even though I’m ahead of most people who have these, I was still cutting it close to being fit to the start of the race season
and Ben,my surgeon, already knew this.

He gave me two options: bone graft or plate and screws. This was a really difficult decision as the graft would take longer to heal with no guarantee it would work but the plate would be me fixed
and no cage but a higher risk of infection which would stop me racing this year! I really wanted the cage off but that was the easy but risky option.

Once the leg was open it looked a lot better than X-ray had shown and I chose the bone graft so that was some more good news!

I came out late Christmas Eve and spent then six days in a lovely but painkiller-induced haze! Somehow I managed to gather myself, along with half of a pharmacy, to watch two good friends Howie and Paula get married on New Year¹s Eve.

I’m apprehensive about going back to training full on until the next X-ray in February which will be my last along with my final blood test the end of this month meaning the treatment for my multiple blood clots has has worked. This almost feels like the end, which is strange after so long.

Monday I’m off to M10 Fitness for a new schedule then next three months of training, working on walking, rehab, race fitness (which is good) and looking forward to getting a little normality back along with focus. I started walking lessons last week again on the antigravity treadmill and some cycling but only to get function and try to get of the crutches.

I’ve finalised all my racing and have some great things coming off this season so really excited and wish I could tell you all but we have to wait! Now I’m also the face of PSI Leathers for the UK which is great as I used their leathers a few seasons ago and were really good.

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